Dr. Ryan Hetland D.C.

Functional Medicine Coach Inver Grove Heights MN Ryan Hetland

I founded Gut Brain + Restoration with the vision of helping people all over the United States through world-class functional medicine testing that can be done from home and coaching on how to restore, reclaim, and reenergize through the power of natural healing and health remedies.

My passion for learning and helping inspire health started in grade school with my own health as an athlete trying to optimize my performance, energy and muscle development. I discovered Chiropractic in high school, and gradated in 2008 with my doctorate, started my clinical practice in health and injuries which sparked an evolution of my virtual and in-person private practice of Gut + Brain Restoration that exists today.

My clinical practice was founded on natural healing and health principles and restoring normal healthy physiology. I look at the body through the lens of "systems" and not "symptoms" which is the study of evaluating and restoring balance to each of the major "systems" of the body. The brain and nervous system, the digestive system, and the endocrine system (hormones), are all systems I focus on.

Today a majority of the clients I work with and help are from all over the United States, doing virtual consultations. Although I do in-person consultations as well.

​If you are interested in restoring your gut health, hormone health, brain, or mental health, and want my help determining if what I do can help you, just reach out. I would love to connect and help you through a one-on-one discovery consultation!

You can click the link below to reach out, or call my office at (651) 767-2748