Executive Natural Health Program

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Comprehensive Functional Medicine Labs + Executive Coaching and a seamless experience that can be done anywhere in the United States.

No matter where you live in the United States, you have access to Dr. Ryan’s services and his Executive Natural Health Program. If you happen to live in the Inver Grove Heights MN area and want to meet in-person you are welcome to as well.

A key to unlocking and unleashing your optimal health inside, and ensuring the best chance of prevention and wellness starts with the right tests, assessments and health advice and direction with a strong relationship with your natural health doctor with no-rush and dedicated time to have a thorough discussion about your health, any issues your currently having, your health goals and what is required to reach and maintain your peak health inside and out.

Custom Functional Medicine Programs

Dr. Ryan’s Executive Natural Health Program is customized for you!

Everybody is different, and your recommendations and executive level coaching will be custom to your specific needs, wants and goals.

  • Comprehensive health assessment and health history
  • Initial Consultation to review health issues and health goals
  • All of Dr. Ryan’s Functional Medicine Tests
  • Lifestyle & Environment Assessment
  • In-depth, one-on-one review with Dr. Ryan of all your assessments and test results
  • Monthly one-on-one natural health coaching with Dr. Ryan for 3-months.
  • Optional increased frequency of coaching sessions with Dr. Ryan (weekly or bi-weekly)

Costs & Insurance:

Due to heavy controls and limitations that insurance companies place on doctors in the natural health realm including comprehensive functional medicine lab testing and health consulting, Dr. Ryan does not work with any insurance companies.

We do however offer a variety of payment options including all credit cards, check and No-Interest Financing for 6 to 24 months with CareCredit.

If you have questions about the cost of any of the tests or consulting/coaching services, please call us at (651) 767-2748.

Dr. Ryan utilizes telehealth to work with clients all over the country. If you live in the United States and are interested in working with Dr. Ryan please reach out.

If you live in MN, near the Twin Cities area, Dr. Ryan currently has a functional medicine clinic in Inver Grove Heights MN, and has in-person consultation times available.