Allergy Testing

Functional Medicine Coach Inver Grove Heights MN Woman Blowing Nose

Dr. Ryan helps people with allergies by looking at information from Functional Medicine Labs like the Allergies (IgE Antibodies) testing from a finger prick blood sample that tests pollen, mites, plant-based foods, insects and venoms, microorganisms, animal-derived foods, epithelial tissue of animals like pets and farm animals, and others. From these types of tests, he will review the results with you thoroughly, and what they indicate is going on in your body and help determine the best strategies to unlock and restore your health and vitality naturally through means of herbal or nutritional supplementation, whole-foods, lifestyle and bio-hacks. His principle driving philosophy is to unlock the health inside of you!

Dr. Ryan utilizes telehealth to work with clients all over the country. If you live in the United States and are interested in working with Dr. Ryan please reach out.

If you live in MN, near the Twin Cities area, Dr. Ryan currently has a functional medicine clinic in Inver Grove Heights MN, and has in-person consultation times available.